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Welcome to Digital Pulse

‘Digital’ isn’t just about technology – it’s about what technology can enable. It involves new ways of solving problems, creating unique experiences and accelerating business performance.

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Digital Pulse business ecosystems

Digital Pulse: best business books


strategy+business’ best business books 2019: technology & innovation

05 Dec 2019

10 minutes

This year’s strategy+business selection of the best business books on technology examine the need for Silicon Valley to address today’s tech challenges. How do we drive radical innovation, manage the rise of machine intelligence, or make software that’s socially useful as well as lucrative?

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Digital Pulse: strategic communication


Strategic communication: Ten steps to rebuild trust

Trust in institutions, governments and media all seem to be on a downward spiral. But when it’s lost, how can it be won back? Good communication will go a long way to doing so, but it needs to be strategic, transparent and engage the right audiences.

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Digital Pulse strategic upskilling

Digital Pulse 4IR survey


Why 4IR is a love it or loathe it proposition

With 7 billion connected devices in use, the world is now fully enmeshed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. While offering significant benefits to business, 4IR is causing consumers and employees to worry about their privacy and jobs.

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Digital Pulse Government 5.0


The three trends defining the governments of the future

The holy grail for the public service is found in Government 5.0, which takes a whole-of-life approach to designing services that truly fulfil citizens’ needs. Here are three trends the QUT Chair in Digital Economy says are helping define the governments of the future.

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