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A fraction of the cost

Traditionally, wealth management was for the elite and just too expensive for everyday savers.

Many people still pay over the odds to invest their money. We found that the average total annual cost of ownership (TCO) across similar online wealth managers is 1.1%, with some providers charging over 1.8%. High fees like these eat into your portfolio returns.

IG Smart Portfolios provide expert digital wealth management at a fraction of the cost. The total annual cost of owning an IG Smart Portfolio is 0.72%, and even less if your portfolio exceeds £50,000 – at which point it will be managed free of charge.

Our newly reduced management fee of 0.5% – capped at £250 per year – means that anyone can invest in our range of portfolios, no matter whether you are just starting out or already have a large amount of funds. We have no entrance fees or performance fees, and definitely no exit fees.

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