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9 Apps Like Acorns (That Make Investing with Little Money Effortless)

There are others apps similar to Acorns.

Below, we’ve listed apps like Acorns, which allow you to invest with little money.

With the apps below, you can start building an investment portfolio with as little as $1.

So, check out the micro-investment apps below, and start making money with your money.

Aside from Acorns, Stash is definitely one of the best out there. Using it, you can invest in stocks and exchange traded funds.

And, what’s great is that you can invest as little as $5, as it focuses on fractional shares.

There are 30 different investment options available.

And, the app provides personalized guidance, helps you to choose an investment strategy, and automates investing and saving.

You just need to connect a checking account to invest.

Stash charges $1 a month, but it does not charge a commission on accounts worth less than $5,000.

If your account does reach $5,000, then Stash charges 0.25% of your balance. This is $12.50 a year for a portfolio worth $5,000.

Accounts are SIPC protected.

Invest your money into a diversified portfolio with Clink. Just link your checking account to start saving.

You can select how much you want to invest and you can choose an investment schedule too. This is great, because it means you can invest just once a month or twice per week depending on your preferences.

Handily enough, if you want to change your investment schedule, then you can at any time.

Also, you can choose to have a percentage of your spending automatically invested in your stock portfolio. You just need to link your credit card to your Clink account.

Clink charges a $1 per month fee for accounts worth less than $5,000.

Once your account reaches $5,000, you are charged 0.25% of your total balance annually.

Your money is SIPC protected.

Download the Clink app

  • Download Clink for Android devices here.
  • Download Clink for iOS devices here.

3. Betterment

Online financial advisor and automated investment app Betterment is another one to check out.

With this app, you can invest money into a globally diversified portfolio of index-tracking exchange traded funds (ETFs).

What’s great about Betterment is that it recommends an investment plan that suits your needs, and uses its technology to build you a personalized portfolio.

Just sign up and link your bank account to get started.

Money is SIPC protected.

There is no minimum balance required to start investing with Betterment. But, it does charge 0.25% of your balance per year – this is called the Digital Plan.

If your account balance is $100,000 or more, then you get the Premium plan. This costs 0.40% a year. With this plan, you also get access to a team of licensed financial experts and CFP professionals.

Download the Betterment app

  • Download Betterment for Android devices here.
  • Download Betterment for iOS devices here.

4. WiseBanyan

Build and manage your investment plans for free with WiseBanyan. It’s a financial advisor and investment app that will monitor and manage your accounts for you.

You can create investment milestones, and turn on the auto-deposit setting if you want to. You can choose your auto-deposit frequency too.

This app invests your money into well-diversified portfolios of ETFs. And, your money is SIPC insured.

What’s great about WiseBanyan is that it is totally free to use. Just create an account and link your bank account.

Download the WiseBanyan app

  • Download WiseBanyan for iOS devices here.
  • Download WiseBanyan for Android devices here.

5. Robinhood

Official site:

Robinhood is another app like Acorns, which allows you to invest.

You can invest in cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs and options.

What’s great about this app is that there is no minimum amount you have to invest to get started. Robinhood does not charge commission fees.

Your money is SIPC protected as well.

Download the Robinhood app

  • Download Robinhood for iOS devices here.
  • Download Robinhood for Android devices here.

6. WealthFront

WealthFront is another great investment app that doesn’t charge high fees.

Connect your bank accounts with your WealthFront account. Then, the app will analyze your data to reveal insights about your finances. Based on these insights, it will recommend financial strategies that are tailored to your needs.

Using it, you can invest money automatically and build up a diversified investment portfolio.

It charges 0.25% of your balance annually. Your money is SIPC insured.

Download the WealthFront app

  • Download WealthFront for iOS devices here.
  • Download WealthFront for Android devices here.

7. Qapital

This is a good app that allows you to set up personalized savings goals and rules.

For example, you could create a round up rule. Here’s an example of this rule from Qapital: “$2.25 for the bus. 75 ¢ for that new bike.”

Using the app, you can automate your savings. But, that’s not all. You can also use it to invest.

You can set goals, and follow your progress. Y

our money is invested into a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds from multiple markets.

Investments are chosen based on when you need your money and how much risk you’re willing to take.

It only costs $1 per month if you invest less than $5,000.

If you invest more than that, then you’re charged 0.25% per month. Your money is FDIC insured.

Download the Qapital app

  • Download Qapital for iOS devices here.
  • Download Qapital for Android devices here.

8. SigFig

SigFig is another app like Acorns. But, it differs slightly compared to Acorns, and Stash.

There is a minimum investment amount of $2,000 required to start your account.

So, if you have that money to invest, then you might want to check out this app.

It provides free portfolio analysis, investment tracking and a low-cost automated portfolio that’s tailored to your specific goals.

This app is more for those who already have investment accounts and want to put them all into a single dashboard.

The app then analyzes your entire portfolio and creates a personalized investment strategy.

SigFig charges an annual fee of 0.25%, which is billed monthly after the first $10,000.

The app doesn’t charge commission, transaction or trading fees.

Your money is SIPC insured.

Download the SigFig app

  • Download SigFig for iOS devices here.
  • Download SigFig for Android devices here.

And, an honorable mention…

9. Digit

Digit is an app that automates the savings process for you.

We’re including this as an honorable mention, rather than as part of our main list, because, while it does automate the savings process for you, it doesn’t invest your money, like Acorns or Betterment do.

Instead, it’s designed to automate savings.

It’s actually one of the best automated savings apps out there.

Just link your checking account. Then, Digit will analyze your income and spending to determine what money it can safely set aside for you.

Then, every day, Digit moves some money from your checking account into your Digit account. It never transfers more than you can afford, and it has a no-overdraft guarantee.

If you need the money from your Digit account at any time, then you can just send a text message, and it will transfer it back into your checking account the next business day.

Plus, you’ll get 1% annual cashback on your Digit savings, which is paid every three months.

Digit is free to use for the first 100 days, and then it costs $2.99 a month after that.

Your money is FDIC insured.

For more details, check out my review of Digit app.

Download the Digit app

  • Download Digit for iOS devices here.
  • Download Digit for Android devices here.

Closing thoughts

As you can see, Acorns isn’t your only option if you’re looking to build an investment portfolio with little startup money.

There are plenty of other apps that you can use to grow your money.

Of course, they all differ.

So, it’s hard to say which is better; Stash vs Acorns vs Robinhood vs Betterment, etc.

When you read reviews online, especially on Reddit, it becomes obvious that it’s really a matter of personal preference.

So, give one of these apps a try, and make your money work for you.

Reinvest your earnings, or withdraw them and put the cash into a savings account, buy a big ticket item you’ve been wanting, or put the money toward a vacation or any other financial need you may have.


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