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Augmented reality examples: 9 real-world

When your team works in the belly of an aircraft or inside a computer design, they all having the same sci-fi daydream: Augmented reality (AR) that can layer information onto the job to cut out their frustration and inevitable errors. Being able to walk through a design in three-dimensional space can make it easier to identify flaws that are hard to see in two dimensions. And looking at a schematic of the thing you are trying to fix, while you are working on it, could eliminate hours of frustrating back and forth with drawings and keyboards.

Some cutting-edge industries – and some old school industries with a strong need – are finding that ARis no longer a future tech dream. It has become a realistic, game-changing tool for visualizing data in ways that quickly solve what were once intractable problems.

AR technology is helping companies visualize data in conference rooms, labs, factories and construction sites. Problems that once required an expert to travel to the site to are now handled nearly instantly with the help of remote experts guiding the people on the ground with instructions overlaid right on the problem.

Check out these tools to see how organizations are using AR to cut costs, bring new products to market, improve collaboration between remote teams, and visualize problems before they show up in the real world.


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