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  • Ben Ditto creates “dystopian” campaign to launch People by The 1975


    Surveillance culture and climate change are the focus of the campaign for band The 1975’s latest release, which features augmented reality, neural networks and glitchy graphics. More

  • Google Maps launches Live View AR walking directions

    Google Maps launches AR walking directions


    Google has released a beta feature for its Google Maps service called Live View, which uses augmented reality to show users which direction to walk in. More

  • Natuzzi VR showroom

    Natuzzi launches Augmented Store for VR furniture shopping


    The Italian furniture brand Natuzzi has embarked on what it calls “a new era of advanced, white-glove customer service” by launching a virtual-reality shopping experience. More

  • Apple augmented reality art tours

    Apple offers augmented reality art tours in six major cities


    Apple has collaborated with New York’s New Museum to launch a series of augmented reality (AR) experiences that will see six large-scale virtual artworks take over major global cities. More

  • Printworks AW19 augmented reality campaign by OMSE

    OMSE uses augmented reality to create moving 3D typography for Printworks


    London design agency OMSE has created an augmented reality campaign for cultural venue Printworks London that transforms static typography into immersive three-dimensional animations. More

  • AR designer roundup

    Five leading AR designers creating face filters for Instagram


    With augmented reality technology becoming more readily available, young designers are creating face filters for social media platforms. Design reporter Gunseli Yalcinkaya picks five of the most interesting examples. More

  • Nike Fit app

    Nike app uses AR and AI to scan feet for perfect fit


    Nike has launched an app setting that provides “hyper-accurate” sizing recommendations for each of its shoes by scanning your feet with a smartphone camera. More

  • Invisible Landscapes installation at the Royal Academy of Arts

    Invisible Landscapes installations explore how virtual reality will change architecture


    The Royal Academy of Arts has unveiled a series of installations that show how virtual and augmented reality technologies can change the experience of buildings and spaces. More

  • CapitolaVR uses augmented reality to take museum-goers inside Rembrandt painting with Rembrandt Reality app

    Augmented reality takes museum-goers inside Rembrandt painting


    Visitors to the Mauritshuis museum can use their smartphone to experience Rembrandt van Rijn’s The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp in augmented reality, thanks to Dutch design agency CapitolaVR. More

  • Marina Abramovic The Life

    Marina Abramović: The Life presents the artist as a 3D digital avatar


    A 3D digital rendering of performance artist Marina Abramović wandered around London’s Serpentine Gallery in this mixed-reality art installation. More

  • Keiichi Matsuda explores dystopian future of work in new film Merger

    Keiichi Matsuda explores dystopian future of the workplace in new film Merger


    London-based designer Keiichi Matsuda suggests how augmented reality will define the workstation of the future, in a short film that explores the growing obsession with productivity in the workplace. More

  • Bose sunglasses are also headphones and can make calls

    Bose launches Frames sunglasses that are also headphones


    American audio brand Bose‘s latest product is a pair of sunglasses that let the wearer listen to music, make calls and access augmented-reality experiences. More

  • Six graduates from Design Academy Eindhoven designing for the post-internet age

    Six graduates from Design Academy Eindhoven designing for the post-internet age


    The internet is affecting the way we interact with the world around us, from the news we read to how we perceive fashion and beauty, as these six Design Academy Eindhoven graduates demonstrate. More

  • Opendesk launches augmented-reality shopping for its open-source furniture


    Opendesk customers can now use augmented reality to see how the furniture brand’s pieces look in their homes before ordering them from local makers. More

  • Tommy Hilfiger launches smart clothing range that tracks user's movements

    Tommy Hilfiger launches smart clothing range that tracks users’ movements


    Luxury clothes brand Tommy Hilfiger has released a range of “smart clothing“, containing inbuilt Bluetooth chips that allow the item’s movements to be tracked and users to be rewarded for wearing them. More

  • High-resolution Varjo headset seamlessly blends virtual and real worlds


    The virtual world is indistinguishable from reality in the devices of Finnish company Varjo, which has demonstrated a mixed-reality headset with human-eye resolution. More

  • Giant augmented reality avatar of Bono appears on Es Devlin’s U2 stage set


    U2‘s creative director Willie Williams created a giant avatar version of Bono using augmented reality, which appeared on a stage designed by Es Devlin for the band’s latest tour. More

  • IKEA assembly made easier through augmented-reality app


    Toronto designer Adam Pickard has turned paper IKEA manuals into an augmented reality app that shows users life-size instructions on how to build their furniture. More

  • Google releases library of 3D clip-art for use in virtual and augmented reality

    Google releases library of 3D clip-art for use in virtual and augmented reality


    Google has launched a digital library of user-created 3D objects that can be used to populate virtual- and augmented-reality worlds. More

  • Sebastian Errazuriz vandalises augmented-reality version of Jeff Koons’ Balloon Dog sculpture


    Snapchat paired up with the artist Jeff Koons to place an augmented reality version of his famous Balloon Dog sculpture in New York’s Central Park – but in a “stance against an imminent AR corporate invasion”, the work has been graffitied by artist Sebastian Errazuriz. More

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