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Top 20 Martech Resources – Pointillist

By Swati Sahai

The marketing technology landscape has grown exponentially over the last few years. Whether you’re a martech practitioner looking to stay informed or a newbie trying to understand how martech can help you meet your goals, the comprehensive resources listed in this post will benefit you.

Educational reading can be dull though. And who has the time to sift through the deluge of blog posts and articles in your social feed to finally come up with something worth your time?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Here’s a comprehensive list of martech resources to keep you completely updated (and engaged!).

Martech Blogs

1. Chief Marketing Technologist

Scott Brinker needs absolutely no introduction in the martech world. He is the creator of the annual Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (which in 2017 has grown to a mammoth 5,381 solutions). Scott’s always been a step ahead of the game; his insights peppered with wit and humor and never afraid to take on an uncomfortable subject.

ProTip: Read the comments on Brinker’s posts to enjoy truly engaged and sometimes hilarious conversations!

2. Martech Zone

Martech_zone by Douglas Karr covers a wide breadth of topics under martech–adtech, analytics, content, data, social and much more. The blog is great at introducing new services and is full of rich content.

3. Inspire Martech

This martech blog is run by Mayur Gupta, a renowned marketing technologist, speaker and thought leader. He shares his vision and insights on marketing technology adoption, usage and benefits.

4. MarketingTech

MarketingTech is a vibrant community of over 1.1 million members with deep interest in marketing and technology. Covering a wide range of topics, news and events, this blog is a great resource for marketing enthusiasts.

5. Martech Advisor

Martech Advisor provides news, insights, software reviews and delves in topics like customer experience and sales enablement. With a consistent focus on martech and a range of voices, this blog stands out in the martech world.

ProTip: Look out for MarTech Advisor interviews with industry marketing leaders that are engaging and substantial.

6. Customer Experience Matrix

This is the blog of marketing technologist David Raab. The blog specializes in reviewing new technology services and concepts. Written with a very personal style, Raab’s voice clearly shines through in all his posts, making them equal parts informative and engaging.

7. DMN

DMN is heavily focused on data, content and analytics. With a good mix of articles, analyses, news, videos, profiles and explainers, DMN is equipped to cater to all your martech information needs.

Martech Podcasts

8. Technology Translated

Technology Translated, hosted by Scott Ellis, is a marketing technologist’s dream podcast. With actionable topics like ‘How to use split-testing to move your customer to action’ and ‘How to pick the right hosting company for your website’, this podcast gives you practical tips that you can benefit from right away.

9. Internet Marketing Podcast

Internet Marketing Podcast is great resource for martech professionals, featuring subjects like SEO, conversion optimization, social media and content marketing. Sample the following topics, ‘Where is marketing attribution headed’, ‘How to rank for high-volume keywords’, or ‘The state of online ad blocking’.

10. Martech Interviews

I mentioned Douglas Karr (the man behind Martech Zone) in the blog section. Turns out his podcasts are pretty spectacular too, focusing on the technology that enables SEO, email marketing, analytics, sales enablement etc.

11. KeyWeb Metrics

Sameer khan, the host of KeyWeb Metrics, is an expert on customer analytics, big data and digital marketing. This podcast is full of relevant tips for martech professionals in the areas of marketing automation, email marketing, and analytics. With topics like, ‘Hack Low Performing Marketing Programs with Data and Analytics’, time spent listening to Sameer is time well spent!

12. Edge of the Web

‘Edge of the Web’ focuses on SEO, digital advertising, conversion rate optimization and many other digital marketing topics. Hosted by Erin Sparks and Tom Brodbeck, this award-winning podcast is not to be missed by any martech enthusiast.

13. Marketing Smarts Podcast

This podcast by Marketing Profs shares timely relevant information for marketing technologists. Featuring key voices from the martech world, it covers topics like customer behavior, metrics and ROI, segmentation and strategy.

14. Six Pixels of Separation

Mitch Joel, president of Mirium, is a marketing visionary and digital rockstar. His podcast, six pixels of separation, has been running for over a decade, during which time he has interviewed marketing luminaries and brought fresh ideas to the table consistently.

15. Marketing Nation Podcast

Marketo has always stood out as a shining example of ‘content done right’ in the martech world and it’s ‘Marketing Nation Podcast’ hits all the right now. Hosted by DJ Waldow, this podcast interviews the brightest minds in marketing from Ann Handley to Jay Baer and Amy Porterfield. Though it deals with topics other than martech too, it is still a good resource for marketing technologists.

Martech Ebooks

16. The Enterprise Guide to Marketing Technology

This comprehensive ebook by Vision Critical gives you the background, benefits and key companies within each category of martech and is a great resource to either build your martech stack from scratch or modify it to meet your marketing goals.

17. Marketing Tech 101 – An Executive Guide to Understanding and Applying Emerging Technologies

This ebook by Act-on Software is a handy guide for executives to assess their martech needs, understand the landscape, make decisions about investing in technology, integrate these technologies within their companies and build the right processes to support them.

18. The Making of A Marketing Technologist

Widen’s ebook offers a unique angle–helping you understand all about the marketing technologist role. Using the MARTECH acronym as the framework, the ebook explains the makeup of a marketing technologist.

19. 7 Steps to Creating A High-Impact Martech Stack

Marketo’s ebook focuses on creating a strategy to connect your martech stack across marketing and other functions. It makes the case that utilizing a well-designed martech stack can harness customer data most effectively and provide the right insights to make actionable gains.

20. Guide to the Marketing Technology Landscape

The martech industry is a dynamic and rather fluid industry, still changing shape. This ebook tries to explain these industry shifts and help you navigate through the myriad technologies on offer.

What martech resources do you use to stay updated? Leave a comment and join in the discussion!


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