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Quantum Computing Control System (QCCS)

Zurich Instruments is increasing its engagement in the quantum world and offering the first commercial Quantum Computer Control System. Building a quantum computer takes a huge effort on many levels. This rough illustration of the full quantum stack outlines some of the most important components:

Full Quantum Stack

Zurich Instruments is intent on contributing with the finest electronics and software to enable our customers to scale efficiently to a large number of qubits while keeping the complexity at bay. We believe that the efficient and well-orchestrated interplay between the required instruments gives our customers a key advantage, linking high-level quantum algorithms with their physical qubit implementation.

Zurich Instruments now offers the first commercial Quantum Computing Control System (QCCS) which is equivalent to the layer labeled “Classical System Control, Software & Hardware”. This part of the stack ensures reliable control and measurement of the quantum device while providing a clean software interface to the next higher level in the stack.

QCCS Key Features

  • Hardware specifications match the application: Low noise, high resolution, and ample bandwidth.
  • Ready to scale: Compact design. You can add channels at any time.
  • A well thought through & tested systems approach: Precise synchronization and sophisticated orchestration of all input and output channels.
  • Productivity-boosting software: Our LabOne® software efficiently connects high-level quantum algorithms with the analog signals of the physical system.

QCCS Components

Quantum Computing Control System Video

Programmable Quantum System Controller

The Zurich Instruments PQSC Programmable Quantum System Controller brings together the instrumentation required for quantum computers of up to 100 qubits and more. Its ZSync low-latency real-time communication links are designed specifically for quantum computing; the PQSC overcomes the practical limitations of traditional control approaches, making automated and rapid qubit calibration routines a reality. Programming access to the powerful Xilinx UltraScale+ FPGA is the basis for developing new and optimized processing solutions for rapid tune-up and error correction adapted to the specific algorithm and computer architecture used.

Check the product page or contact us directly to start the conversation.

Quantum Analyzer for Parallel Qubit Readout

The Zurich Instruments UHFQA Quantum Analyzer is a unique tool for parallel readout of up to 10 superconducting or spin qubits with highest speed and fidelity. The UHFQA covers a frequency span up to ±600 MHz, with nanosecond timing resolution. It features 2 signal inputs and 2 outputs for IQ base-band operation. Thanks to its low-latency signal processing chain of matched filters, real-time matrix operations, and state discrimination, the UHFQA supports a roadmap for ambitious quantum computing projects with 100 qubits and more.

Check the product page or contact us directly to start the conversation.

High-Density Multi-Channel AWGs

With the highest channel density and the most advanced synchronization features on the market, the HDAWG Arbitrary Waveform Generator is the first choice for applications of up to 64 channels. The superior noise characteristics of the 2.4 GSa/s, 16 bit signal generation and an ultra-low trigger latency allow you to push your measurement setup to new levels of performance. The LabOne control software provides an intuitive and efficient way of programming arbitrary signals.

Check the product page or contact us directly to start the conversation.

HDAWG Product Video

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